When you’ve unearthed the seeds of hope from your grave of doubt and despair, what will you plant for a ripe future?

Hist(or)ic(al) Traditions

“…they pulled from their stock of stories tales about the old folk…Testimonies to endurance, wit, skill and strength…of luck and outrage….About their own lives they shut up….As though past heroism was enough of a future…”-Toni Morrison

The First Spider-Man

Before I ever heard of Peter Parker, I met a much trickier man. I remember how real he seemed. His cunning and wit, his selfishness and helpfulness, his comeuppances, his curses, and his gifts. He gave as often as he took, reminding me a few real people I knew. He went by a few names, but the one I best recall is Anansi.

Find the Heart

Synovial sidenotes and the chambers of a story’s heart.

I Premise

What fuels a story is similar to what fuels a man. Although stories aren’t dead or alive, they’re the breath of us. They capture a little bit of our soul power. When writing a story, you’ve got to ensure it’s properly infused with this essence.