Thoughts #1

I’ve been thinking again. With as much thinking as I do, I’m clearly anxiety-riddled or meant to be a philosopher. I know the former as truth and not so much the latter. Although I poeticize and philosophize quite often, I’m not inclined to think and orate on my thoughts professionally, at least when it comes to philosophy. Give me a good book and just one other interested party and I’ve got my soapbox.

I’m in the middle of a whole new series of ideas, some of which are ripe and plump, ready to be plucked and harvested. Others are wrinkled, dripping to the point of fermentation. Some others are sour, too late to good for anything until their dried out to season another idea. Still, some others are at the pique of their picking time. They’re ready to be casked and distilled at a later date. Some of those “saved for laters” will be shipped off to others via the Eudaimonia Express on the Creativity Highway. Some will collect dust and appear, miraculously, at the end of a celebration after all the lesser ideas have been sipped away.

What if?

All of these stories are connected by this question. Maybe they were born from a self-centered place and eventually changed the world. Maybe it was asked out of mere curiosity or an innate need to profoundly change the world. Perhaps it was asked by someone wanting to rid the world of one of its many ails. There’s no telling where, how, or why these questions were asked, but they were. And things changed. 

Palatial Mnemonics

I was having one of those fantastic 2:00 a.m. conversations in which existed equal parts delirium, exhaustion, and enlightenment. Inspiration strikes whenever it so pleases, despite circumstance or present company. I’ve found my best ideas in the midst of conversation. I’ll have you know of the inconvenience this causes. Imagine you’re talking to anyone, about anything, when you’re suddenly sparked to write the opening lines of a poem you know will be gone. Imagine a business concept you never bother to research because the unique strategy you pictured vanished from your mind.

Long Time No See

Read William Blake’s poem “Tiger” to understand this piece better.