Loose Threads

I’m a bit of social chameleon. I learned this skill as an introvert’s survival tactic. It’s recently been useful in hostile work environs, too. Blending in with scenery seems ideal when the notion of mere conversation stresses you out. Self-camouflage makes you appear less threatening to those individuals fearful of your strong will and stronger opinions. Ideally, you’re only blending in for a paycheck or working towards a temporary goal. If you find yourself blending in out of fear of standing out, that’s another problem entirely.

The Sound of Silence

Here’s some unsolicited advice: Find your values or principles and tune your ears to those things alone. Reject those things which do not match your current frequency. Don’t be afraid to tune out when something sounds entirely antithetical to your desired wavelength. Bear in mind, I’m assuming you that you’re tuned to the real Truth, the voice of God. The wisdom He produces can feel like noise amidst the discordant noises of the world. He’s much easier to tune out than listen to for His sounds are but whispers in your heart. 

On the Prowl

Eventually, I learned that bared fangs were a necessity as a woman. Unfortunately, I began manifesting this hostility elsewhere. My teeth were at the throats of those who weren’t a threat.

Be the One

All of these are but a fraction of the ways to be the one for another. When you feel that tug in your chest, pulling out your humanity, be the one to say, “Yes.”

The Heart of Darkness

Be a firefly and attract other fireflies. Even when your light flickers, as a little bug it’s still telling others in the darkness, “Hey, I’m out here, too. You’re not alone.” And if you’re strong enough, maybe once you’ve accumulated enough firefly support, you can shine a light for miles.