On the Prowl

Eventually, I learned that bared fangs were a necessity as a woman. Unfortunately, I began manifesting this hostility elsewhere. My teeth were at the throats of those who weren’t a threat.

Graceful Edges

I’m not predisposed to subtlety. I’m full of life and passion which overflow into all that I do. I live loudly; sometimes that can be a lot to handle. I’m not terribly bothered by my vivacity or with how most others feel about it.

Be the One

All of these are but a fraction of the ways to be the one for another. When you feel that tug in your chest, pulling out your humanity, be the one to say, “Yes.”

The Heart of Darkness

Be a firefly and attract other fireflies. Even when your light flickers, as a little bug it’s still telling others in the darkness, “Hey, I’m out here, too. You’re not alone.” And if you’re strong enough, maybe once you’ve accumulated enough firefly support, you can shine a light for miles.