A Big Bang

I’ve got quite a few goals for this year. To prevent inundating myself with all of them, or letting my fantastic ideas smother one another, I’ve incorporated a planner. It’s specifically designed to help you map out your passions. As I have many of these, it seemed appropriate. Now, I’m not that organized. I haven’t fastidiously used a planner since grade school. Of course, assignments were much easier to remember then. 

We’re all gonna die and it’s okay.

I’m still kind of figuring that out, honestly. I only even shared the story above because of what I read in The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Manson does a great job of beginning with the end in mind with his three subtleties implemented throughout the book. I’m not yet done manifesting my soul power (i.e. dignity), but I’ll let you know when I get there. Until then, I’m going to focus on what I can, like the little leaps and bounds of small wins. 

(Me) Wishing (You) Well

It had been weeks since I’d last seen you one-on-one. It’s not that we never spent any time together; it was usually spent among friends. We’d occasionally get some alone time to talk at parties, but it was never long enough. In the time we spent with friends (not at parties), I’d learned how much…

Light of Truth

Secrets are nothing but the prettier sister of lies. 

Lighting a fire under my own…

This was something I’d said I’d get to months ago, and now I finally am. There’s been a lot of growing going on in my life, but I had to kind of burn down some things and start over. I realized that there was a lot of spiritual debris I needed to send up in smoke…