Today, I did the first adult thing I’ve done in a while. I signed my lease for my first house since college. Unlike my peers in undergrad, I lived on campus all four years. Free room and board are one of the financial incentives for working as a community advisor. When I graduated college, I moved back home with my parents. I needed to figure out where I was headed next and had no money to do this with. I returned to my nest and settled in with my already developed wings.

Births of Our Nation

Today’s a pretty significant day in our nation’s history. One man who, in his lifetime, steered us towards progress and upheld the definition of freedom, was born. He’s had many titles throughout his life and into his modern legacy, the most common being Honest Abe, the Rail-splitter, and the Great Emancipator (LOC). Born over 200 years ago today in 1809, Abraham Lincoln.

Are we there yet?

Setting the stage for worldbuilding and beyond when outlining your novel.