Today, I did the first adult thing I’ve done in a while. I signed my lease for my first house since college. Unlike my peers in undergrad, I lived on campus all four years. Free room and board are one of the financial incentives for working as a community advisor. When I graduated college, I moved back home with my parents. I needed to figure out where I was headed next and had no money to do this with. I returned to my nest and settled in with my already developed wings.

Palatial Mnemonics

I was having one of those fantastic 2:00 a.m. conversations in which existed equal parts delirium, exhaustion, and enlightenment. Inspiration strikes whenever it so pleases, despite circumstance or present company. I’ve found my best ideas in the midst of conversation. I’ll have you know of the inconvenience this causes. Imagine you’re talking to anyone, about anything, when you’re suddenly sparked to write the opening lines of a poem you know will be gone. Imagine a business concept you never bother to research because the unique strategy you pictured vanished from your mind.

A Big Bang

I’ve got quite a few goals for this year. To prevent inundating myself with all of them, or letting my fantastic ideas smother one another, I’ve incorporated a planner. It’s specifically designed to help you map out your passions. As I have many of these, it seemed appropriate. Now, I’m not that organized. I haven’t fastidiously used a planner since grade school. Of course, assignments were much easier to remember then. 

Keeping In Touch

On another note, the concept of keeping in touch stayed with me past that conversation. After processing my vulnerability, I found myself inspired to share the above story. I wanted others to see how a little courage goes a long way. Although I frequently see this friend, I hope his desire to keep in touch means more realness. As scared as I am for this, it will only help us and our friendship grow.

Loose Threads

I’m a bit of social chameleon. I learned this skill as an introvert’s survival tactic. It’s recently been useful in hostile work environs, too. Blending in with scenery seems ideal when the notion of mere conversation stresses you out. Self-camouflage makes you appear less threatening to those individuals fearful of your strong will and stronger opinions. Ideally, you’re only blending in for a paycheck or working towards a temporary goal. If you find yourself blending in out of fear of standing out, that’s another problem entirely.