Defying Gravity

The benevolence functions as more of a mutualistic principle. If I’m benefiting from those excellent souls around me, our collective willpower functions as an accountability safety net. We elevate each other, baring one another aloft. When I expect people to aim high, it’s done in solidarity with no tolerance for quitting.


The point is this: Unless you’re Batman, and the universe will write into existence every horrible thing you’ve planned for, drop your Shark Repellent Bat Spray. Put away your delusions of superhero over-preparedness and roll with life’s punches.

Attracting Creation

The process of creation requires a certain amount of vulnerability. One must be open to failure, as well as mediocrity or success.

Cor(e) Workout

These people have struggles I’ve never experienced, and will hopefully never have to. You can’t predict the sharp twists and turns of life, so you keep yourself open to anything and everything. This seems counterintuitive, but developing a strong cor means hard work and risk taking.

This Little Light Of Mine

The way exposure to light was deadly for the gremlins, language and story bring light to shame and destroy it.