Scenic Routes & Shortcuts

When drafting an outline, there are a few ways to incorporate the spine, the heart, the soul, the joints, and all the excess bits mentioned previously. You can choose to create a large, lengthy, detailed outline. This may work better for some, just as some prefer to take the scenic route in life. Others might occasionally take the scenic route but prefer shortcuts if they’ve already experienced the scenery. For example, if you’re writing a novel for the first time like yours truly, the scenic route is wisest.

Are we there yet?

Setting the stage for worldbuilding and beyond when outlining your novel.

Find the Heart

Synovial sidenotes and the chambers of a story’s heart.

I Premise

What fuels a story is similar to what fuels a man. Although stories aren’t dead or alive, they’re the breath of us. They capture a little bit of our soul power. When writing a story, you’ve got to ensure it’s properly infused with this essence.

‘Dem Dry Bones

Examining my approach to the creative process has transformed my fears into…apprehension? Potentially even excitement…