Working Woman

Job hunting is a bitch.

Even Greco-Roman deities like Diana/Artemis had to work for their necessities. Sure, hunting came naturally to this goddess, but it’s nothing new for any woman today. In fact, many women are banding together in solidarity for assorted reasons. For example, the tech, engineering, and creative industries include certain organizations which women may participate in for networking and job searching.

In the last two years, my personal job satisfaction has been…what it’s been. (Seeing as future employers may read this, I’ll save my candor for in person). Thus, my need, desire, and want to find enjoyable employment. Degreed or not, finding decent employment postbaccalaureate is difficult. To make matters worse, many of us are not savvy enough to potentially develop skills in college. Fortunately, my parents expected me to from the summer of my fifteenth year. That means I’ve got a decade of employment under my belt and puts me ahead of my limited, degree-related options.

Majoring in liberal arts is all fun and games. And that’s all it’ll ever be if you don’t plan on working in academia or achieving a graduate degree. Very rarely do I find someone who works within a professional field relevant to their major. Instead, it might be coincidentally adjacent or the first job they could get post-graduation.

With my dual degree BA in psychology and English, I put myself in a corner. For a while, I attempted graduate school and a career simultaneously. (If you want the whole epic, click the link.) Needless to say, I’ve been blessed enough to luck into decently paying hourly jobs which play on my previous professional experience. Of course, getting my bills paid is great and all. I love not being homeless or relying on my parents’ goodwill. I also love not working for a neurotic supervisor. Again.

I’ve learned to professionally define my skills for the careers I am both interested and qualified in. Fortunately, I’m also in a position where making tons of cash isn’t my biggest motivator. Just enough to make rent and put away in savings is all I’m asking for, really. Below, I’ve identified various sites and groups which fell prey to my incessant hunger for a job I loved. Or, at least one I liked.

Catch of the Day

Here’s a guide based on my own experiences driving the struggle bus. I top the list for all sorts of unemployed or inexperienced or ignorant (?). This is not a poor me, pity party rant. Instead, for everyone who is riding, driving, or clinging onto the struggle bus, here are a few ways to get off. (Also, stop feeling sorry for yourself if you hate your day job.) Either stick it out for the paycheck or quit and find new employment.

  • Working Nomads
    • Well set up, with expiration dates of postings, and timestamped posting dates. Postings vetted.
  • Virtual Vocations
    • Costs money, but a good site to peruse and cross-reference for legitimate positions offered elsewhere. Postings vetted.
  • Remote
    • Well organized site, especially as it requires no subscription. Postings not vetted.
  • Idealist
    • Offers non-profit jobs and internships. Beautifully organized, including remote and local options. Postings vetted.
  • Skip the Drive
    • Straightforward site offering a variety of industries. Postings not vetted.
  • Flexjobs
    • Requires a subscription, but really worth it if you’re willing to keep travel and telecommute options flexible. Postings vetted.
  • The Penny Hoarder
    • Has a great remote/WFH (work from home) jobs board. Postings vetted.
  • Indeed
    • Be thorough. Use the right keywords and you can find great local or remote work. Postings vary by quality.
  • Linkedin
    • Easily the most legitimate job site next to some other obvious ones. Offers remote and local jobs.
  • Zip Recruiter
    • Somewhat frustrating to navigate, but a little patience takes you a long way.
  • Glassdoor
    • Look for jobs and do your homework on the companies you apply to.
  • The Muse
  • The Job Network
  • Power To Fly
  • The Balance


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