Thoughts #1

Stream a Little Stream of Me
(and My Thoughts)

I’ve been thinking again. With as much thinking as I do, I’m clearly anxiety-riddled or meant to be a philosopher. I know the former as truth and not so much the latter. Although I poeticize and philosophize quite often, I’m not inclined to think and orate on my thoughts professionally, at least when it comes to philosophy. Give me a good book and just one other interested party and I’ve got my soapbox.

I’m in the middle of a whole new series of ideas, some of which are ripe and plump, ready to be plucked and harvested. Others are wrinkled, dripping to the point of fermentation. Some others are sour, too late to good for anything until their dried out to season another idea. Still, some others are at the pique of their picking time. They’re ready to be casked and distilled at a later date. Some of those “saved for laters” will be shipped off to others via the Eudaimonia Express on the Creativity Highway. Some will collect dust and appear, miraculously, at the end of a celebration after all the lesser ideas have been sipped away.

I won’t continue musing on the fluidity of ideas. Today’s post, like all of my posts, has some sort of methodology to the seeming madness. A wise acquaintance of mine likened my brain to this, “Your brain’s a hundred places at once. It’s not right here but everywhere. You’re analytical. You look at things from all sorts of angles.” Her observation brought me joy; it’s so seldom we’re recognized as we are so directly. For a number of reasons, largely her obtrusiveness, I enjoy my conversations with the said acquaintance.

Meandering Methods Or the Babbling Brook That Is My Brain

The flow of today’s thought streams from more than mere consciousness. This is the result of another “would-be” idea. See, today marks the assassination of one Malcolm X. My plan is to start reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X today, in honor of Black History Month and his passing. There will be a review/response to follow as soon as the book is finished. I’m unsure of how similar it will be to my piece on The Narrative of Frederick Douglass but I can assure its worthiness of your time.

Reading goals aside, I’m also going to attempt a somewhat bold foray into writing. I’ve been fairly consistent in 2019 with my blog, but my personal journaling has fallen away. Writing by hand is practically sacred for me and not putting pen to paper builds a well of emptiness within. It’s as if there’s a black hole at the bottom of said well, maybe a Font of Unquenching. My thoughts on provoking creativity and avoiding comfortable ruts would mean posting daily on here. Below is the skeleton of my content calendar. I’d love suggestions if you have any.

  • Monday
    • muthos, mythology
    • mentality/mindfulness
  • Tuesday
    • transformations (spirit, mind, body)
  • Wednesday
    • words
    • woman power
    • wellness
  • Thursday
    • thoughts (random blogging/creativity)
    • think pieces
  • Friday
    • free write
    • fables
  • Saturday
    • short story
  • Sunday
    • spirituality





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