Not A Single Story

Reminder: Africa is a continent, not a country. It’s all too common of a misconception about the region. Cultural narratives, such as myths concerning creation and origin, often overlap. Considering the continental complications of such a vast region, muddied by the European carving of the world, it remains simplest to explore the myths geographically. Each of these cultures has its own origin epics, heroes, and deities which may or may not overlap in ability, power, and patronage.

There are a thousand stories and more running through Africa. From myth to modernity, it’s rather difficult to keep track. When I initially attempted this post today, the goal was summary in nature. To avoid rudely ignoring the rich history of the continent and its peoples, I’ve merely elected to inform you of my false assumptions. There is no easy summary of African mythology by region, let alone people. So many of the larger groups in African contain varied tribes.

This increases the difficulty in sharing their stories with you. My own ignorance will easily take a few days, if not weeks, to rectify. Sadly, my most intimate knowledge of African myth I shared last week. This tells me that I’ve found an area in which I am sorely lacking. If you are a regular reader and/or fan of Muthos Mondays, stick around for deeper analysis and one-on-one interaction with prominent heroes and recurring deities in African mythology. I’ve got to plan which stories I’m reading next! If you’ve got any suggestions, comment below!

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