Poetrait 1

Radiant heart and smile brighter
than the land of light we tread.
First meeting you, I was blind-
sided by beauty which stemmed from
brilliant soul blossoming within.

Colored darkest umber, you are
sincerity–dark chocolate comfort.
Amidst olive grove people, your wild grin
and sunny disposition outshone
drab-toned composure of Euro-chic.

Daytime or nighttime, cityscape or ancient ruin,
your luminosity sprang forth from concrete and
dry earth. Golden, rolling hills a backdrop to
similar sunflowers. Even at half their height,
these buds competed with you.

From resilience to brilliance,
you’re the fairer match. Even rows on rows
of disc florets matched your intricate braids.
Your hair, dry and rough like their stems.
Your skin, petal soft, too.

I, a heliotrope. You my night light.
(I could only see you in the dark
when you smiled.) Pearly whites
easily spotted on dancefloors, flashed away into morning sun.

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