A Novel Idea

What is a novel but something new? Of course, I’m of the belief that we are confined by our finite natures. I don’t ascribe to the belief that we can ever produce anything truly new. What we produce is often an amalgam of everything we consume. I, for one, can trace back a lot of my writing ideas because of my childhood fascination with mythology. If I’d known there were degrees in the field, that would probably be my major now. Instead, I picked something I believe Joseph Campbell would approve of a dual degree in English and Psychology.

Campbell is a contemporary mythologist, pioneering Jungian and multicultural dialogues of collective consciousness and narrative history. You can learn more about him here. The reason I mentioned Campbell is my own personal interest, but with an emphasis on the cognitive impact of stories on ourselves. Not only do I wish to create great works myself, but I must learn from them. Campbell is certainly not the only author who’s influenced me, but that list is copious and endless.

When he began his foray into comparative religion and mythology, I wonder if he knew what he was getting himself into? I certainly have no idea where my goals will take me in the future. I’m definitely open to the journey, though. As for this year, I’m taking a novel approach to a dream of mine: I’m planning. (AAH!) That was past and present me screaming in existential terror. Now, I’m embracing yet another thing which scares me. No longer will I justify my avoidance of self-imposed structure with procrastinatory malarkey. Instead, I’m going to plan what I can and let God do the rest.

I hope you choose to follow this journey of writing my first novel ever. I’m hoping to do so much more than that this year, but that’s my most significant goal. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on my triumphs and successes, and I’m hoping you’ll be there to support me in kind. Maybe I’ll make some new like-minded souls this year, but only time will tell. Below sits my tentative plan for creating this novel. I’ll still be doing regular creative posts three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My novel writing posts will be Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  1. January: OUTLINE
    1. I’m generously giving myself a month here to properly construct the skeleton of my story, as well as set work on some other projects for 2019.
  2. February: RESEARCH
    1. I’ll be doing generic research on the various cultures and landscapes I’ve imagined, as well as world building and writing in general.
  3. March: RESEARCH
    1. Hopefully, I’ll be compiling characters research, or for the various races/species.
  5. May: DRAFT CHAPTERS 2-3
  6. June: DRAFT
  7. July: DRAFT
  8. August: REVISE AND EDIT
  9. September: REVISE AND EDIT
  10. October: FINISH
  11. November: FIND AN AGENT
  12. December: GET PUBLISHED

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all. Be prepared for changes to this timeline as life happens and I learn more about writing a novel.

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