A Big Bang

I’ve got quite a few goals for this year. To prevent inundating myself with all of them, or letting my fantastic ideas smother one another, I’ve incorporated a planner. It’s specifically designed to help you map out your passions. As I have many of these, it seemed appropriate. Now, I’m not that organized. I haven’t fastidiously used a planner since grade school. Of course, assignments were much easier to remember then.

Before I purchased my Passion Planner, I did my research. This meant going through each link, reading reader reviews, finding actual images of the product in use, and so on. I eventually settled on the Passion Planner because of a few things.

  1. I loved the daily breakdown with each focus element and hourly time slots. It sort of felt like a phone agenda, but better because it’s tangible. Weekly breakdowns tend to overwhelm me and leave floundering at the last moment.
  2. The roadmap and gamechanger breakdowns for each month are a critical tool for a creative like me. My ideas often flare up and outshine each other, leaving time-sensitive ones fizzling out.
  3. I loved the price. More expensive doesn’t always mean better quality.
  4. I loved the size, color, and cover options. If I can get function and form out of a product, it’s a win for me.
  5. I also appreciate the option to start your week on Sunday or Monday which grants you flexibility.

That being said, planners aren’t for everyone. Last year, my goals were too amorphous and my priorities too erratic. I eventually solidified on one major goal, but that’ll soon be met. As much as I plan to develop this blog into something impactful, I’ve got some other things to accomplish in 2019. I’d like to think that one Mr. Stephen Covey would be proud of my solid identification of the “big rocks” for this next year. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited for the future. I know its unpredictability, but that no longer scares me.

One of my biggest goals is to ramp this site into a source of inspiration for my readers. I hope to seriously study storytelling and impart its wisdom on these digital pages. I’m currently developing a framework for daily posts, ranging from Monday-Friday. As requested by my audience, I plan on producing both long and short content. The longer posts will be more personal while the shorter ones will be geared towards teaching something new about narrative impact. I look forward to sharing more stories with you all in the coming months. Start your year with a bang!

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