The Secret’s Out

Now, we all know how I feel about secrets…and if not, go read my post about telling the truth! I’m here to talk about a book I was really hoping I’d like. This isn’t really a review any more than it’s a criticism. Think of this post as more of a guide on how to avoid using the law of attraction as your cure-all for life’s difficulties.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the book. I found it quite laughable in a lot of ways. Inherently, the message of the work communicates, poorly, the power of mindset. It doesn’t require hours of explanation or philosophizing. It’s about the power of intention and manifesting thought to develop potential energy. That’s all. The law of attraction merely means thinking,

“I can.”

This is not a secret, as much as easily forgotten. People forget their potential and abilities all the time. It’s why they repeat the same self-condemning behaviors. It’s why history repeats itself. People forget that their thoughts are important; they dismiss the power of their own thinking.

Ideas are merely creative thoughts which we so easily disregard. When we deny our innate ability to create, even on a cognitive level, we’re denying our souls air. We limit our minds to routine patterns of thought, building negative mental ruts. The Secret is merely a reminder that we aren’t bound to the same thoughts we have over and over.

Instead, only you have the potential to permanently change circumstances in your life, including yourself. For example:

  1. The secret to money — Work for it.
  2. The secret to relationships — Know that you deserve one.
  3. The secret to health — Take care of your body.
  4. The secret to the world — Be a part of it.
  5. The secret to you — Make time to define you.
  6. The secret to life. — Find your purpose.

Sure, these brief sentences are vague and undefined on my blog, but not in the people around you. I can provide a personal explanation for each one of these “secrets,” but that wouldn’t help you. Instead, you’ve got to think and act on these things yourself.

I’m not saying to not listen to nor read The Secret. I just want to clarify that it’s not life-changing, despite the wonderfully marketed concept that it is. You change your life by knowing, believing, and acting on the fact that only you can.

I do think that some may find this work helpful if they’ve forgotten how to think outside a mental box of their own making. I’ll also invite those who want a good laugh at a well-done marketing scheme to partake. And, if you want a very brief introduction to the law of attraction, this is also a good book to check out.

A friend of mine personally recommended that I listen to the audiobook, so I did. I found that far more comedic than I might have if reading the book. That being said, if I really needed a set of various mantras to incorporate into my mental repertoire, The Secret would provide them. For some of you, it just might set you on a path to finding and making meaning. For me, I’ll stick to those things I’ve already committed: faith, mindset, creativity, and habits.

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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Thanks for all the negativity, now I’ll turn it on itself. Be positive


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