The Heart of Darkness

The Heart of Darkness

Finding Christ’s love in suffering is something I’ve found before. It’s a very different thing when you begin to consider that in suffering, He kept his embrace open. Look at a crucifix. Yes, His arms were nailed open, but He’s looking directly out at those below Him. The man’s literally bleeding out and dying, yet remains open with all His might. True vulnerability comes from staying open, even when you’re suffering. I don’t mean that you should doormat yourself, but your inner brightness shouldn’t be neglected.

The best way to nurture your inner light is to share it. The rays of your internal brilliance will warm and guide those who step into it. Be a firefly and attract other fireflies. Even when your light flickers, as a little bug it’s still telling others in the darkness, “Hey, I’m out here, too. You’re not alone.”

And if you’re strong enough, maybe once you’ve accumulated enough firefly support, you can shine a light for miles. Go from lightning bug to lighthouse. You’re not merely the lighthouse keeper; the light comes from within you. It’s meant to be shared. As it’s bearer, your responsibility and privilege is guiding those lost in the dark.

Follow the example set before you by God, and light the way. You’re the pinpricks of hope hanging amidst the heavens. Once those celestial patterns guide you to land, be the gleaming brilliance  which prevents shipwreck.  You’re all those things and more when you imitate the light of Christ.

This heavenly fire will blind you to the distractions in the dark. It will obstruct the demons from tearing at your mind and soul. You must keep the faith to tend the flame in times of shadow. Your honor is that of reminding others that the Heart of Jesus lies withing the darkness. The darkness just makes it harder to see sometimes.

You may bear the mantle of of Lightkeeper or Lightbearer for Christ. God is the Lightbringer who shows the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You may walk along the Way. You may learn, seek, and find the Truth. You may live the Life as best you can.

The fiery heart of God’s love is the flame eternal. It’s the source for the spark of our souls. We can nurture this spark by turning toward its source, and providing the proper fuel. We can remind others of the infinite hope at the center of all. Bring others the the Heart in the darkness.

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