Attracting Creation

Like Attracts Like

One of the things I’ve learned in all of this writing is that I’ve gotta be willing to meet creativity with open arms. The process of creation requires a certain amount of vulnerability. One must be open to failure, as well as mediocrity or success.

I’ve just begun listening to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which focuses on the law of attraction. Of course, I’m also reading Daring Greatly, which centers on living vulnerably with a courageous embrace of life’s unknowns. After reading Until Today‘s entry about communication, both listening and speaking, I was reminded of Covey’s sixth principle/habit, “Creative Cooperation/Synergy.”

I love how all of these tangentially related books have culminated in my mind. I’m really hoping that women like Elizabeth Gilbert (who mentioned Brene Brown in Big Magic), Iyanla Van Zant, and Rhonda Byrne have read things like 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It makes me think we’re all attracting similar tendrils of creativity, positivity, and productivity. I believe Byrne would appreciate my efforts–mental, emotional, and actual–to manifest my personal growth and creativity.

Big Picture

Then I thought about something even greater than me and my creativity. In another spiritual endeavor I’m undertaking–Marian consecration–I’ve been reflecting on the connection between Mary and the Holy Spirit. The way I’ve come to understand it is that the union of the uncreated Immaculately Conceived Holy Spirit and the created Immaculate Conception of Mary is part of the divine mystery of Christ’s creation. The coming together of these opposites, simultaneously, is the most exemplary instance of creative cooperation.

See, Mary kept herself open to God’s will. In so doing, she opened herself to the creative power of the universe. Her willingness to serve God with all her heart, mind, strength, and soul demonstrates her attraction to create something greater than herself. She must have been wishing to truly serve something greater than herself to attract God’s attention.

Her Immaculate Conception signifies the impact of leaving yourself open to God’s will. Imagine the kind of creativity you’ll attract if you keep your heart, mind, body, and strength open to the Divine Creator’s will. Can you begin to fathom the impact this would have on you and the world? You could attract so much goodness and joy into others’ lives if you simply open your will by dying to self and laying down you life for a friend.

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