Makin’ It Rain

This last month’s theme in Until Today was trust. I also mentioned trust in another post where I talked about “cashing in” on the spiritual gifts granted to us. Trust is a two-way street and requires a lot of elements to work. When you find trust in your heart, your faith grows. The only way to hear God and begin knowing that what he says is true is to listen to Him.

The Value of Trust

Accessing your divine inheritance requires sacrificing your ideas of control and your need for security. It might come with a bit of anxiety at first. For me, this is certainly the case. I don’t usually place my need for control on others, but I have in the past. And when I feel this need now, I turn to the one outlet that produces something great: creativity.

This is what I’d categorically identify as my divine inheritance or spiritual trust fund. Creativity is a place of control, in a way. It also connects me with my own Creator. To create something profound, I often invoke St. Francis de Sales to intercede on my behalf, as he is the Patron of Writers. And of course, I ask for direct guidance from Christ, “the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us” (John 1:14).

“Why would your creativity not love you? It came to you, didn’t it? It drew itself near. That must be for a reason, right?”

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, Elizabeth Gilbert

I say this reason directly results from the Divine Creator. The beauty of creativity is that we all have it. It comes out in various forms: some make art; some make life; some make secrets known; some make discoveries; some innovate reality; some make history. These are all forms of creativity, in one way or another.

Again I say, progress over process. Trust the baby steps you take and the time it takes to develop true works of art. The creative process isn’t about rushing, but accomplishing small goals for a a grander scheme. God made the world in seven days, and He’s an omnipotent being. Don’t be surprised if it takes you just a little bit longer to churn out a book or poem or song.

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