Listen to Your Heart

Now, that means honor what it’s telling you, although that doesn’t mean acting solely on what you hear. Our hearts are rather insistent things, prone to flights of fancy. But these fanciful things can provide the oil which keeps our gears in motion, if not the very things fueling the fire of our passions.

I know that at certain times, it feels like you shouldn’t listen to your heart at all. When you trusted it to tell you what it never could about a person, your heart tried. The heart’s powerful, but it’s certainly not omnipotent. When you cut it off and only defer to your mind, you only allow yourself half the determining, perceptive power. When you blame your heart and your feelings for “not knowing” and for the subsequent heartache of that ignorance, you trusted your heart to do what your mind was meant to. It’s easy to assign blame to something when you’re asking the impossible. The heart is not a knowing thing. It feels and senses, but its job isn’t to know.

If you choose to indulge your heart, don’t listen to it alone. As much as you shouldn’t expect your heart to know things, you also shouldn’t use it as your sole tool for decision-making. Choice involves rationale for most, coupled with intuition. You can make a choice without first thinking, such as just listening to your heart. These sorts of choices are usually rash, impulsive, illogical, unpredictable, dangerous, passionate, and life-changing. These aren’t truly choices, but more like raw energy, converted into action.

Once you’re finally in a place where you desire balance, you’ll learn to trust your feelings and thoughts, heart and mind. I think using both well is what makes someone perceptive and intuitive. This is the kind of person I’ve always been, or at least who I’ve always seen myself as. Now, I’m working on trusting my head and heart to work together.

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