Light of Truth

I think the torch in Lady Liberty’s hand represents truth and hope. I think she carries this torch because the truth shines a light in the darkest places. It reveals when justice must be enacted. It frees from the shackles of ignorance. It casts the shadows of doubt into darkness. It shows a pathway to hope, if you’re willing to stay the course.

The light of truth will shine for all willing to see it. Some willingly close their eyes to shield themselves from the expected pain of truth’s harsh light. What they fail to recognize in this moment of self-denial are the adverse effects of their reactivity. The longer they blind themselves to the light of truth, the more painful it will inevitably become. Not only this, but those who deny truth’s light have clearly forgotten the gnawing teeth of Doubt and Fear, laying in wait in the shadows.

There are also those who shield others from truth’s perpetual shining. Alas, although this is often a well-intentioned, noble deed, it most often injures the protected. Buried truth doesn’t belong belong in the earth and it always surfaces to shine high in the heavens. Far too often, these buried truths are used to cover up heinous acts of murder, infidelity, and other guilt-riddled deeds. These buried truths aren’t actually done in selflessness, but more as self-preservation from the guilt and shame of the ignoble behavior. Buried truths are more like dirty secrets. And secrets are nothing but the prettier sister of lies.

Secrets serve no master but the one keeping them. Secrets isolate and exclude, driving wedges between those with the strongest of bonds. Secrets are lies, masquerading as half-truth and noble omissions of truth. Secrets corrode from within, turning their keeper into a mad soul, poisoned with despair.

I’ve always had little patience for lies. I think the light of truth burns hotter in some. Everyone’s motivated by truth, one way or another, whether to to hide it or share it. Some are meant to bear that sometimes brutal, flaming torch. Some are called to cast out the inner and outer demons of this world, those created and sustained in avoidance of the inevitable truth. I earnestly believe that you do yourself and the world a disservice every time you lie. Why obscure what will naturally emerge? Why prevent the returns of goodness and beauty?

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