I’m not trained to be a firefighter, nor am I an arsonist. Yet with the amount of fires I’ve put out, and the number I’ve started, you’d think otherwise. Fire can be a good thing; it can light the darkness and provide clarity. It can warm you on a cold night or burn away past mistakes; it can cleanse or condemn, depending on its source.

So many people think of hellfire, instead of a warm firelight. I prefer to think of a brilliant flame in my heart, sourced and fueled by the light of Christ. This inner lantern of mine is not a little light by any means. Instead, it’s a grand ole blaze, akin to the Nordic Eternal Flame. Of course, it requires sacrifice to keep it burning bright, but the good kind of sacrifice.

The Eternal Flame from Thor: Ragnarok; use this for reference.

Good sacrifices include:

  • putting others before yourself;
  • telling yourself “no” when you’re feeling impulsive or lazy;
  • not rewarding yourself for a job well done before the job is done;
  • an hour of reading over an hour of television;
  • making coffee at home and donating the saved money;
  • listening to your mom/dad/best friend/et cetera repeat that story for the tenth time;
  • taking a a moment to thank God for waking up that day over checking Facebook, Twitter…
  • and 5000 other things that you’re hopefully already aware of.

Bad sacrifices include:

  • baby animals of any kind;
  • your friends’ dignity for a hot person’s attention/phone number;
  • literally burning your money, as in actually setting it on fire;
  • or not making any sacrifices at all, within your personal limitations.

What I’m actually getting at…

Is that you can’t expect to hold a roaring blaze of passion within your chest. Wildfire is not, I repeat not meant to be contained. It is a thing of untameable possibility; magic you can hold in your hand for mere moments before the sparks jump into another’s palm. There’s something almost contagious about the way fire spreads.

Nor can you focus on solely tending the flame. Sometimes, you need to share your sparks with others. Sometimes you need to reexamine the fuel of your internal fire. I’m going to share a *fire*playlist with you in the hopes that I set your heart ablaze, even just a little bit.

  1. “Burn the House Down” by AJR
  2. “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys
  3. “Flames” by David Guetta & Sia
  4. “Chasing Fire” by Lauv
  5. “The Fire” by Rag’n’Bone Man
  6. “Burn” Ellie Golding
  7. “Ignite” by Alan Walker, Julie Bergan, K-391, & SEUNGRI
  8. “Fire” by Barns Courtney
  9. “House on Fire” by Sia
  10. “Fire Meet Gasoline” by Sia


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