PMS isn’t just a woman’s problem…

I recently gushed about my epic journey of the past year or so, and I attempted to gush about my heart’s desires, only to end up focusing on rebirth. This is yet another misnomer of a title, but intentionally so. Clickbait much? I’m hoping the PMS riff comes off as more of a joke than vulgar, but who knows?

Anyway, PMS actually stands for personal mission statement. And everyone should have one, or get to a point where they want to and/or are ready to make one. I’ve been wanting something to concretely state my intangible goals, because it makes me feel centered. Speaking of centers, Covey has some great things to share about being uncentered in principle two. Beginning with the end in mind means more than focusing on how you want to be remembered, but on what you do that makes you worth remembering in the first place.

I think that’s why the rescripting and meaning making stood out to me so much with this habit. I’ve always been obsessed with myth and growth of a hero, but this was real. This was all about journey over destination, but in real life. The PMS is kind of like a hero’s pact or solemn oath made before the quest ever starts. Protecting the damsel or getting the treasure are great goals, but you’ve gotta determine what you’re willing to do to begin and end that journey to ever reach the destination. Luckily , there’s a fill-in-the-blank sort of situation for marking up the map of this journey.


My Personal Mission Statement

I am at my best when writing, researching, or reading about something that makes me want to make a difference.

I will try to prevent times when I’m feeling sorry for myself, not asking for help, or questioning my ability to complete a task.

I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can I enjoy serving others and connecting with them personally, especially their life stories, ongoing concerns, and their passions.

I will find enjoyment in my personal life through I love spending quality, engaging time with my family, sharing stories of the things we love or living out adventures to make future stories.

I will find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as being a friend, truthful guidance, honesty, writing, analyzing subtext, and observing/perceiving peoples’ hidden aspects.

I can do anything I set my mind to. I will write a series of graphic literature for all ages.

My life’s journey is for me and the people I love. I demonstrate my love for my friends, family, and fellow man by listening to their pains and triumphs with compassion, providing guidance and support whenever and however I can. I do this because it brings me great joy to use my empathy for a good cause. I do this because it makes me feel connected to the universe. When I do this, I feel like I’m closer to answering my true calling and fulfilling my life’s purpose.

I will be a person who is celebrated for her reliability and compassion with her loved ones. I will be touted as a good role model for my children and children’s children. I will be the crazy, composed grandmother who is still killing it as an octogenarian, who doesn’t look a day over 65. I will have countless stories of my epic adventures to share with my family.

My most important future contribution to others will be to my future spouse and children and will be staying true to the commitments I’ve made to them and to myself, such as writing a book and placing my marriage first as the foundation of my family.

I will stop procrastinating and start working on:

  • I feel that I should change my lack of self-discipline into that of one filled with habit and follow-through.
  • I should watch way less TV than I do.
  • I should read a lot more, like I used to.

I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life:

  • Learn to live loud.
  • Overcome my demons.
  • Don’t apologize for who you are.

I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life:

  • Continue to maintain my physical health with as frequent of trips as possible to the gym; maybe even try out barre again.
  • Pray everyday when I first wake up.
  • Pay attention to how I perceive my flaws and strengths.
  • Continue to be selflessly compassionate, but with boundaries.

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