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Less Is More

As kids, so many of us were told we could do anything, be anything. We could be anyone we wanted to be, as long as we dreamed, willed, and worked enough. The problem with thinking you can have anything is falling into the trap of wanting and believing you can have everything. Why settle for … Continue reading Less Is More

Don’t Be a Prick

What are your thorns, exactly? Your flaws and imperfections. These work-in-progress parts of you are vital. They mark a space once tender, now ready to fend off untoward influence. Like your soft-petaled hopes and dreams, your prickles are vital. Think of them as boundaries. Where your leafy, nourishing goals are concerned, prickles have their rightful place on you. The next time a thorn grows, don’t remove it. Let it remind you of divine growth. Forgive whatever past weakness or transgression marked its formation. Allow it to be part of the whole you, not a scar of a shameful reminder. We all have thorns. Welcome to the garden of life.

Nurturing Hope

I’m not predisposed to subtlety. I’m full of life and passion which overflow into all that I do. I live loudly; sometimes that can be a lot to handle. I’m not terribly bothered by my vivacity or with how most others feel about it.

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